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MGL provides one of the most quality digital networks worldwide, a recognized brand in eSports and contributor to the competitive gaming industry.

MGL’s mission is to provide eSports tournaments and leagues globally through premier competition and to deliver premium gaming content to viewers anytime, anywhere.

MGL's Tournaments
MGL Tournaments will include some of the best competitive players worldwide. Gamers participating in MGL's events, online competitions, on a cross platform online gaming tournament system, and at partner events earn cash prizes and and recognition that defines how they stack up against the competition.

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  • Christopher Craigg (Ceez) CEO & President Christopher Craigg (Ceez)
  • John Nielsen (GoatedBA) MGL 2K Director of Operations John Nielsen (GoatedBA)
  • Nicole Murray (FoxxyLaPerm) MGL Support Manager Nicole Murray (FoxxyLaPerm)
  • Justin Martinez (Legit_Gaming24) MGL2K Hidden Gems Draft League Commissioner Justin Martinez (Legit_Gaming24)
  • Justin Espindola (Pilsify) MGL2K Social Media Manager Justin Espindola (Pilsify)
  • Keaton Green (KGMakesUQuit) MGL2K Pro-AM Commissioner Keaton Green (KGMakesUQuit)

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