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Ground Zero 2018 Tournament

POSTED BY yngceez January 18, 2018

MGL reveals a NBA 2K18 Pro-Am tournament to be hosted on twitch on February 24 and 25, featuring eight teams and a $1,000 USD prize pool.

The competition will feature eight teams with six invites and two spots open for an open competition MLG qualifier. The tournament will follow a formula kicking off with a group stage on Saturday and concluding in the playoffs on Sunday. We will provide a stream for you to follow the action, with analysis & commentary provided in English.

Ground Zero 2018 is an event that is truly a celebration of esports and gaming culture.


Game: NBA 2K18
Dates: March 31 and April 1
Place: Live on and our Homepage Stream
Teams: 8
Elite Level: 3+
Prize pool: $1,000 USD
Format: Group Stage & Single Elimination Playoffs
Stream language: English
Participation: Invitation + Qualifier
Twitter: @Militialeague


The event will be broadcasted in English.

Main Streams

MilitiaLeague Twitch
– OR watch live on our Homepage Stream

Broadcast Talent

English stream
Christopher Craigg (CeeZ) – Commentator
Dwayne Crichlow (Dice) – Commentator


Saturday, March 31, 2018

12:00 EST Group A -?? Group opening match #1, best of 1
12:00 EST Group A -?? Group opening match #2, best of 1
1:30 EST Group A -?? Winners, best of 1
1:30 EST Group A -?? Losers, best of 1
3:00 EST Group A -?? Decider, best of 3

7:00 EST Group B -?? Group opening match #1, best of 1
7:00 EST Group B -?? Group opening match #2, best of 1
9:30 EST Group B -?? Winners, best of 1
9:30 EST Group B -?? Losers, best of 1
11:00 EST Group B -?? Decider, best of 3

Sunday, April 1, 2018
1:00 EST Semi -?? final A, best of 3
4:00 EST Semi -?? final B, best of 3
7:00 EST Final, best of 3

*Matches are played on an accelerated schedule, group starting times and the finals are locked times.


Champion. $ 1000 USD

Invited Teams

Team 1, Team 2
Team 3, Team 4
Team 5, Team 6

Qualified Teams

Team 7, Team 8


Six teams will enter the tournament via invite, and the Qualifying teams may enter the online qualifiers which will provide two spots in the competition. If you are interested in participating in Ground Zero 2018, please fill out this application to join Qualifiers. Do not hesitate and lose your place because of this. Sign up now!


There will be two qualifiers for Non-Invited teams. The winner in both qualifies to the main event.

Saturday, March 24, 15:00 EST – Qualifier #1
Sunday, March 25, 15:00 EST – Qualifier #2

Before joining, check out the qualifier details here.

Community streams

Our production team will provide one top notch stream in English, but we are also welcoming community streams in different languages to join the tournament. If you wish to broadcast the tournament, please send us an application.

If you have any questions, please send us an email to